Worse than Nixon?

Anonymous Liberal has a nice wrap-up of the relative strength of the NSA’s wiretapping program as compared with Nixon’s wiretapping efforts. The conclusion: Nixon had a better case than Bush, and still lost. All the arguments for executive authority were basically demolished when Congress instituted the FISA court to oversee domestic wiretapping warrants. I suspect that any movement for Bush will come either from the Republican’s political hegemony or from a peculiar judicial blindness to the ‘unified executive’ doctrine, which my last post discusses.






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  1. Steven Avatar

    I find it hard to think that anyone can honestly disagree that the NSA program is worse than Nixon's wiretaps. This is where the idea of loyal opposition can be useful to the country. Focus can be placed on what our leaders have actually done, rather than on anything that can be construed as a personal attack or even realistically "spun" by PR people.

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