Pre-9/11 FISA Violations and Retroactive Telecom Immunity

I’ve not seen much mention of one of the most important complaints about the FISA reauthorization: the claim made by Joseph P. Nacchio and Qwest Communication International that the Bush administration sought the power to engage in warrantless wiretapping in February of 2001, seven months before the events of Semptember 11th and the Authorization for… Continue reading Pre-9/11 FISA Violations and Retroactive Telecom Immunity

Worse than Nixon?

Anonymous Liberal has a nice wrap-up of the relative strength of the NSA’s wiretapping program as compared with Nixon’s wiretapping efforts. The conclusion: Nixon had a better case than Bush, and still lost. All the arguments for executive authority were basically demolished when Congress instituted the FISA court to oversee domestic wiretapping warrants. I suspect… Continue reading Worse than Nixon?

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