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  • Another day in paradise

    Here’s what we needed to know about the NSA wiretapping. 1. How it works. 2. How the telcos will try to get away with it. 3. Why they’ll fail. Thanks to MeFi and DKos for the links.

  • Gov’t taps ABC to root out leakers.

    This strikes me as very important, at least domestically. ABC’s calls are being tracked, or at least that’s the claim. We had all become comfortable with an uneasy cold war between the state and journalists, conducted with a string of double agents we called leakers and whistleblowers. The state was opposed to these unauthorized informants,…

  • Worse than Nixon?

    Anonymous Liberal has a nice wrap-up of the relative strength of the NSA’s wiretapping program as compared with Nixon’s wiretapping efforts. The conclusion: Nixon had a better case than Bush, and still lost. All the arguments for executive authority were basically demolished when Congress instituted the FISA court to oversee domestic wiretapping warrants. I suspect…