Links on Distribution and Workplace Democracy

Interfluidity on the Productivity Effects of Wealth as Insurance: Waldman is excellent and thoughtful, as always. Four Futures: No mix-and-match because futurists never hedge. Why Valve? Sounds like a great place to work, but I’m glad that the DC Department of Public Works doesn’t run this way: I like it when they collect my trash. Tabarrok… Continue reading Links on Distribution and Workplace Democracy

Good Stuff, and Bad

Charles Stross is doing an “IamA” on Reddit right now. Vincent Ostrom died. (Am I wrong to find this kind of quick death following the loss of a spouse and co-researcher seriously romantic? Probably, but there it is.) Children bully an elderly bus monitor. The internet responds with $650,000 in donations. Also, many plot elaborate revenge… Continue reading Good Stuff, and Bad

Updates and Tidbits

I’ve been neck-deep in some writing projects of late, but I wanted to post a couple of cool links and give a hint of what’s coming next: Mark Lance, Daniel Levine, and I will be running a free course at the Baltimore Free School on Freedom. Daniel Levine has been doing some pretty kick-ass work… Continue reading Updates and Tidbits

Sentence Lover

Tyler Cowen writes: I have an irrational fondness for this sentence of Mann’s: The First World War distracted governments from the task of monitoring insect movements. The sentence from Charles C. Mann is quite good, but Cowen’s sentence is better: it encapsulates his exuberance for the written word and for heterodox points of view. (And… Continue reading Sentence Lover

In Socrates’ Wake

If you teach philosophy, you should be reading In Socrates’ Wake, a group blog devoted to pedagogy. Here are some highlights: Becko summarizes the “disengagement compact” (and further coverage of Academically Adrift) Michael Cholbi on testing and study strategies. Chris Panza parses our outlier GRE scores. Discussion of Martha Nussbaum’s Not for Profit (1, 2, 3,… Continue reading In Socrates’ Wake