Google evaluates our reading level

Check out the results here. How to take the news? Should I be pleased that I blog in an accessible style or worried that the blog is only 18% advanced? I think this is a good “first principles” question for philosophers to ask themselves, especially since Google seems to be using sentence length and jargon-laden… Continue reading Google evaluates our reading level

Links, Aggregated 7/23/10

Moral Camouflage or Moral Monkeys? An individual psychology primarily disposed to consider the interests of all equally, without fear or favor, even in the teeth of social ostracism, might be morally admirable, but simply wouldn’t cut it as a vehicle for reliable replication. Such pure altruism would not be favored in natural selection over an impure altruism… Continue reading Links, Aggregated 7/23/10

What I’m reading today

Was the credit crisis like an asteroid impact? A Thomist take on Hayek and ‘Scientism’: Part 1 and Part 2 An answering machine can help nudge us into monitoring our energy usage Implicit racial bias in empathic responses to the pain of others Does Stuart Buck’s Acting White echo the claims of Akerlof and Kranton’s Identity… Continue reading What I’m reading today