Thursday Links, Agglomerated

Nathan Smith: “American egalitarianism is a sheltered creed that needs the border as blindfold to retain its limited plausibility as an ideal.” Literary Magazines for Socialists funded by the CIA, ranked (Partisan Review is #3) Pope Francis to visit a Pennsylania prison and call for reform in Congress. Michael Rosen: I sometimes fear that people might… Continue reading Thursday Links, Agglomerated

Citizen, Renew Thyself

Barack Obama Teaching Power Analysis

A citizens movement doesn’t have to be leaderless, but the kinds of leaders ensconced at the top of large institutions are not well-suited to be the leaders of civic renewal movements. They can inspire and celebrate such movements, but neither Barack Obama nor Bernie Sanders nor Pope Francis can lead them. Their institutional authority appears to be inimical to the very bottom-up power they’re trying to engender.