Do you want to play questions?






8 responses to “Do you want to play questions?”

  1. Rwm0622 Avatar

    Love it!!

  2. Joshua Avatar

    Bzzt! Statement, one love.

    Who do you like better, Gary Oldman or Tim Roth?

  3. Rwm0622 Avatar

    Which one is which?

  4. Joshua Avatar

    Can't you tell?

  5. Rwm0622 Avatar

    I can, but can you?

  6. Rwm0622 Avatar

    Did you give up?

  7. Bill Abendroth Avatar

    This is CLEARLY not the right space for my comment, but are you the Josh Miller who taught at Reed College in the middle 80s?

    I'm a former student of yours. Your name came up recently, when I referenced you re a conversation about "localism."

    If you're not, sorry to bother you. If you are, thank you for teaching me to love Democracy in America, and to appreciate the new translation from Library of America (well–I like it better).

    1. Joshua Avatar

      I'm not the Josh you're looking for, but he sounds pretty cool. (We're big fans of Tocqueville in these parts.) Also, I like your blog. So thanks for stopping by, and good luck in your search!

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