Tag: The Self-Defeating Victory of Violence

  • When we finally start talking about gun control, what should we say?

    When we finally start talking about gun control, what should we say?

    I love policy discussions, but the demands for policy discussion on gun control after the shootings in Newtown today are terribly wrong-headed. The problem is that demanding a policy discussion is not the same thing as having a policy discussion. At this point, we’re just talking about talking about gun control. It’s all “mention” and […]

  • “The purpose of law enforcement, with respect to transactional crimes, is to make sure that they have ‘good’ criminals.”

    Keith Humphreys shares this interview with Vanda Felbab-Brown. There are no dull moments, but here’s one I think should give us lefties pause: what will replace the underground marijuana economy? Felbab-Brown explains: Most of the time governments tend to fight illicit economies and not think about what will replace them. Policies are often premised on the […]

  • Reflections on my Crime and Punishment Seminar

    Reflections on my Crime and Punishment Seminar

      This semester I taught a course on crime and punishment, and in part out of competition with my colleague Seth Vannatta, I set out to give a final presentation on the dimensions of the course. This is the presentation I wrote. Introduction Our task was to explore the role of ethics in the law, […]

  • Anarchy, the Black Bloc, and Gandhian “Non-Violence”

    Let me start with a correction. Anarchy isn’t really as interesting as you think it is. In fact, Anarchy is Boring: Figuring out how to run a sustainable anarchist household (that values time spent washing the dishes and time spent making money as a computer programmer equally) isn’t as headline-grabbing as a downtown smashup. But Seattle […]

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda Previews The Hamilton Mixtape

    I tried to get tickets after I saw this New York Times piece, but no luck. “I am not throwing away my shot” is just an awesomely perfect refrain: it refers to ‘reserving and throwing away’ the shot in a pistol duel: deliberately firing into the ground in order to make a merely symbolic gesture of courage. It […]