Parfit Group Week 1: The Scope of Our Inquiry

This is my commentary on the first chapter of Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons, part of the online reading group I proposed here. If you haven’t gotten the book yet, you can follow along here for at least the first chapter: I think Google will only let you read fifty pages at a time in their ‘preview’ mode,… Continue reading Parfit Group Week 1: The Scope of Our Inquiry

Proposal: Parfit Reading Group

Derek Parfit is widely regarded as the most interesting ethicist working today. Many have performed their work more provocatively, some may be more original, and I suspect that a few (Sen and Nussbaum, especially) have made more progress in the field, but Parfit definitely has captured our attention with his quest for “Theory X,” that ethical… Continue reading Proposal: Parfit Reading Group