Links, Aggregated

Happiness studies say parenthood is bad for you. Probably this tells us more about happiness studies than happiness. Lisa Feldman Barrett: What Emotions Are (and Aren’t) Five Philosophy Books for Children Emily Oster: Everybody Calm Down about Breastfeeding (But see also) “Knowing whom to ask and also how to ask is also often more valuable than a detailed knowledge… Continue reading Links, Aggregated

The Progressive Paradox

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a broad consensus among reformers in the United States regarding the perniciousness of economic monopolies and winner-take-all politics. After that period of rampant growth and cronyism known as the Gilded Age, groups who had been disproportionately disadvantaged by political patronage and voter fraud began to organize… Continue reading The Progressive Paradox

Peter Levine on Super PAC game theory

Here’s the post: Game theory and the Super PACs. Levine points to the recent shift in campaign finance focus from the presidency to Congress, and adds nuance to a debate that is frequently overrun by absolutist intuitions: No wonder Karl Rove is spending his money on behalf of Senate Republicans. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that conservative super-PACS were spending… Continue reading Peter Levine on Super PAC game theory

Moral Malapropism: Particularism on Craig Ferguson

Late night television takes on moral particularism: via Peter Levine I’m still trying to get my head around Dancy’s view, so perhaps this post will be more confusing than it ought to be. Here’s the gist from the Stanford Encyclopedia: Moral Particularism, at its most trenchant, is the claim that there are no defensible moral principles,… Continue reading Moral Malapropism: Particularism on Craig Ferguson

Mansfield on Obama

Generally, I respect Harvey C. Mansfield’s work on classical political theory, and think his attempts at contemporary cultural and political criticism are absurdly small-minded. His piece in The Weekly Standard on Obama’s non-partisanship is a mixture of the good Mansfield and the bad Mansfield, so I recommend it to fans of ambivalence. Here are some… Continue reading Mansfield on Obama