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  • The Problem of Natural Evil, Charity, and Free Trade

    The Problem of Natural Evil, Charity, and Free Trade

    The standard response to the problem of evil is that evil is the result of human willing: thus the Holocaust or American racism cannot be laid at the feet of an omniscient, omnipotent, and perfectly benevolent God. But I think this seriously ignores the problem of natural evil.

  • Caplan’s Pacifism

    Bryan Caplan echoes my own pragmatic/consequentialist arguments for pacifism : P1: The immediate costs of war are clearly awful. P2: The long-run benefits of war are highly uncertain. P3: For a war to be morally justified, its long-run benefits have to be substantially larger than its short-run costs. C: [B]efore you kill innocent people, you should be reasonably sure that your…

  • Statelessness strikes again.

    2 Lodi residents refused entry back into U.S. They’ll be allowed re-entry if they’ll submit to FBI interrogation in Pakistan, without a lawyer. Obviously, they could have been arrested on this side of their trip and then interrogated here, but this way they can be tortured.