How to get a philosophical education for free

A regularly updated version of this guide can be found here. I teach at the third-most expensive school in the country, where I regularly persuade students that they should major or minor in philosophy. For many students, this is a value question, and as I like to put it, there’s a difference here between the value… Continue reading How to get a philosophical education for free

The Politics of the Undead

So, my last post was based on the premise that heroes in zombie movies make the bare act of survival extraordinary, displaying the virtue of subsistence. I associated the need for such heroes with recession. I had in mind the claim that economic growth is associated with ‘surging’ and economic recession with ‘dwelling,’ a distinction… Continue reading The Politics of the Undead

Quashing nasty rumours

There’s a rumour going around, perpetuated by bumper stickers and politicians, that “God is pro-life.” It’s an interesting claim, and since everyone seems to want God (i.e. the heavy guns) on their side, I thought I’d examine it. Michael Sandel, (yes, that Sandel) while working on the presidential Council on Bioethics, wrung this statement from… Continue reading Quashing nasty rumours