Marriage Equality

I’ve been really troubled by Proposition 8’s passage in California. It’s a strange kind of melancholy, because I’m already married, and I live in the DC area, so there’s no practical impact on me at all. Trying to explain this weirdly vicarious disappointment, I realize that it was arguments about marriage equality that first convinced… Continue reading Marriage Equality

Self-uniting marriage

Antoinette and I have decided to pursue a self-uniting marriage license. Basically, it allows a couple to get married without an officiant. I guess instead of ‘getting married’ it allows the couple to ‘marry themselves.’ It’s only available in Pennsylvania  and Colorado, and at least in Pennsylvania it often goes by the title ‘Quaker marriage,’… Continue reading Self-uniting marriage

Wedding Vows

I’m currently in the process of writing wedding vows with my fiancé, Antoinette. I’ve been casting about everywhere for inspiration and influences, to the extent that Antoinette has accused me of treating the vows like an academic paper. She’s right, of course:erotic love is one of the original philosophical themes, and the prospect of making… Continue reading Wedding Vows

Advice for Romantics: Stay in School, Get a Job

The Boston Globe has a long story about the shift in marriage rates for educated women. It looks like: 1. “The median age for a first marriage nationally is now 25.5 for women and 27 for men. It is even higher for those with graduate degrees. In Massachusetts, the median age at first marriage is… Continue reading Advice for Romantics: Stay in School, Get a Job

Lakoff 1, Pinker 0

George Lakoff responds to Steven Pinker’s review of Whose Freedom?: The Battle over America’s Most Important Idea. Highlights include shocking charges of deception or incompetence on both sides. This is the only paragraph of vitriol-free prose I could find in the review, and since it’s mostly summary I’ll include it here: Lakoff’s theory is aimed… Continue reading Lakoff 1, Pinker 0