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  • Exit over Voice: Kojin Karatani on Athens’ Equality Problem

    Exit over Voice: Kojin Karatani on Athens’ Equality Problem

    (This post is part of a roundrobin reading group on Kojin Karatani’s Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy. I focus here on chapter one; James Stanescu previously discussed the preface and appendix, and Joseph Trullinger will be discussing chapter two in the next few days.) In a certain sense, much of Karatani’s book is a […]

  • The Progressive Case for the Welfare State: A Refresher

    The Progressive Case for the Welfare State: A Refresher

    Many of my own fellow-travelers police progressivism in a way I sometimes find frustrating. It is de rigeur to chastise neoliberals and technocratic moderates for their lack of radicality. My work tends towards the technocratic/participatory divide around how policies should be made, and so I often don’t have strong policy preferences unless I’ve researched a […]

  • Varieties of Inequality

    Varieties of Inequality

    I can think of at least six kinds of inequality: Inequality of income: different people receive different wages, either for different jobs or for the same job, as profits from capital investments, or as government subsidies, transfer payments, or private charity. Inequality of consumption: different people consume different products (i.e. the generic widget) in differing […]

  • Voice Beyond Recourse and Rights (Workplace Domination Part Four)

    I’ve been putting off finishing my series on the Bleeding Hearts/Crooked Timber debates, because Chris Bertram had suggested that there might be a reply to critics. Now he says it might be a while longer, so I’m going to finish up. In my last post, I suggested that none of the methods proposed by the […]

  • Exit, Voice, and Cheap Talk (Workplace Domination Part One)

    Tyler Cowen returns to the issues of employer/employee domination today, but since I never blogged his first response, I want to start working through this debate from the beginning. The Crooked Timber bloggers offered a lengthy list of workplace depredations, and then suggested that these depradations require government intervention in the form of workplace regulation. It’s a […]