Yours, Mine, and Ours: Confessing a Philosophical Theft

In a post today, my longtimeĀ friend Leigh Johnson charges me with erasing her contribution and appropriating her idea of “friendly fire” in my response to Noma Arplay and Joseph Trullinger. In this post, I want to acknowledge my error and say a few things about the difference between our two conceptions of “friendly fire.” To… Continue reading Yours, Mine, and Ours: Confessing a Philosophical Theft

Friendly Fire and Fiery Friendship: Noma Arpaly, Joseph Trullinger, and the Tenor of Philosophy Conversation

Too often in praise for “agonism” we tend to treat the conflicts as if they are self-justifying. Trullinger’s view is that we ought to endorse the spirit of “glad to be wrong” by being particularly welcoming to those who are unlike us, those who are most likely to find the space of rough play unwelcoming, those with whom we truly lack homonoia. True strangers are those who can offer us grounds for disagreement much stranger than mere contradiction.