Tag: Elizabeth Warren

  • Elizabeth Warren on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency

    I’ve linked to Warren before, but my favorite public policy theorist/practioner has a new lecture on regulating consumer financial markets, which is only ten minutes long and very persuasive: Elizabeth Warren on Consumer Protection (MMBM) from Roosevelt Institute on Vimeo. Also, from this recent interview: The consumer credit market is broken. While the average credit…

  • Wendell Berry on Faustian Economics

    Wendell Berry’s article in the May Harper’s is out from behind the paywall. It’s a really interesting attempt to take moderns to task for their conflation of freedom with limitlessness and infinite progress. (My Metafilter post on Wendell Berry is the most popular thing I’ve ever done there, so go check it out if you…

  • The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

    I’m watching this Elizabeth Warren video today: The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class. Synopsis after the jump.