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  • Any Cook Can Govern: Populism and Progressivism

    Any Cook Can Govern: Populism and Progressivism

    I have lots of feels and lots of arguments about these two pieces by Peter Levine on an alt-left populism: “pluralist populism” and “separating populism from anti-intellectualism.” (This post on identity politics is also relevant.) Peter even goes so far as to call himself a populist, which is a surprising move to restore the term’s […]

  • I have some questions about violence

    It looks like I’ll be co-teaching a course on violence with Daniel Levine in the spring, and I have some questions: Is it just me, or do philosophers rarely talk about violence? We talk a lot about killing, and war, and punishment, and even torture. We talk about peace and non-violence. But “violence” doesn’t come […]

  • “The purpose of law enforcement, with respect to transactional crimes, is to make sure that they have ‘good’ criminals.”

    Keith Humphreys shares this interview with Vanda Felbab-Brown. There are no dull moments, but here’s one I think should give us lefties pause: what will replace the underground marijuana economy? Felbab-Brown explains: Most of the time governments tend to fight illicit economies and not think about what will replace them. Policies are often premised on the […]

  • Updates and Tidbits

    I’ve been neck-deep in some writing projects of late, but I wanted to post a couple of cool links and give a hint of what’s coming next: Mark Lance, Daniel Levine, and I will be running a free course at the Baltimore Free School on Freedom. Daniel Levine has been doing some pretty kick-ass work […]