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  • Diversity, Equality, and Realignment

    Diversity, Equality, and Realignment

    As the political participation of disaffected, unrepresented voters drops, this reserve army of the unallied gets bigger. It’s especially potent in primaries, which are very low turnout events. My suspicion is that if disaffected voters could be reliably re-engaged, the parties would likely find wedge issues to divvy them up over a relatively short set…

  • Partisanship Has Reduced Our Efficacy as Citizens

    Partisanship Has Reduced Our Efficacy as Citizens

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the new evidence that partisan distrust and even hatred now trumps racial hatred. Consider the now-famous Iyengar/Westwood study, “Fear and Loathing across Party Lines: New Evidence on Group Polarization.” Iyengar and Westwood showed that partisan identification has ceased to be a wholly ideological or instrumental self-description. It’s gone from…

  • Shugars on Compromise and Enemies

    Shugars on Compromise and Enemies

    A nation torn by value-based disagreements can fail to fix a lot of roads and schools while they glare daggers at each other. (Ask me how I know!)