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  • 6/7s Abolition

    6/7s Abolition

    It’s France’s fête nationale–Bastille Day–marking the storming of the Bastille Saint-Antoine. The crowd of revolutionaries were mostly looking for guns and ammunition held by the garrison of soldiers stationed there, but they also suspected that the prisoners were being tortured. (They weren’t.) Seven prisoners were freed that day: four forgers, two mentally-ill people, and one aristocrat.…

  • We Must Demand Professional Policing For All

    We Must Demand Professional Policing For All

    Consider the collective horror, shame, and disgust we philosophers have at the abusive behavior of our fellow philosophers: think of what it means to be compared to Colin McGinn or Thomas Pogge. Why isn’t there that kind of horror, shame, and disgust among police officers at the drumbeat of police shootings?

  • Friday Links, Assembled

    Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science: “Thirty-six percent of replications had significant results….” Swing Voter #BlackLivesMatter protests Mayor Bowser’s new policing policies. See also: Peter Levine on #BlackLivesMatter and Hillary Clinton. Visualizing Economic Complexity Interview with Matt Damon on The Martian.