Some Crime & Punishment Links

I originally put this together for my students.

On Solitary Confinement:

On the Cost of Prisons and Prison Labor:

Race and Prisons:

Stop and Frisk:

Parole and Probation:

  • I currently lack good articles on parole and probation. Any suggestions?

Agamben and related matters:

Some other stuff:






2 responses to “Some Crime & Punishment Links”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    Alexander has a chapter largely about the challenges faced by parolees and on re-entry. I could slice the pages out of my electronic copy (or mine it for her references).

    1. anotherpanacea Avatar

      We’re talking about The New Jim Crow last week and this week, actually. Really great conversations so far, though they’ve jettisoned Foucault’s language and method completely. But this list is just internet-based resources.

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