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Last week I did a Skype interview with Chris Long for his podcast on Socratic Politics and digital dialogue.  We talked about Arendt, anonymity, and an attribution theory of identity. Listen here, or subscribe through iTunes. The whole series can be found at Chris’s blog, where he also posts personal reflections and has a blog on pedagogy and scholarship. Yes, his industrious posting record does put me to shame.

On re-listening, I realized that I forgot to make my favorite joke about anonymity: a name like “Joshua Miller” is actually as close to anonymous as you can get in this business. There are at least two other philosophers with the same name, which is why I have to use the damn initial. (Pleasant externality: my initials are JAM!) In that sense, ‘anotherpanacea’ is as much  a kind of branding as it is a pseudonym. Interested in more on the origins of my superpowers and the need for a secret identity? See here.

Chris has suggested a second podcast, specifically on memory, where we go wild on Plato’s Phaedrus, Marshall McLuhan’s media theory, and, if we can get Leigh Johnson to join us, perhaps Derrida’s deconstruction of the ontology of presence. I’m hoping I can get him to call it, “And Another Thing….”






3 responses to “Digital Dialogue”

  1. Christopher Long Avatar

    It was great to have you on the podcast! Leigh is set to be on in a couple of weeks. Listen for it. I will definitely arrange to have you on again, perhaps with Leigh if we can work a Skype conference call.

    I think, by the way, that there are some important issues to be discussed in relation to Arendt's understanding of the connection between appearing and politics. It seems to me that appearing in digital has a peculiar dynamic that has political implications, both positive and negative. That too would be interesting to address in some detail in a future podcast.



  2. Melanie Avatar

    I enjoyed the conversation and have subscribed to the podcast. It looks like I got my iPod just in time for all the action!

  3. Dr. J Avatar

    Let me just add to the chorus of compliments… I thought the conversation between you and Chris was fantastic. My only criticism was that it was too short! Can't wait to hear the follow-up.

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