Still More Techniques For Cultivating Amor Mundi

As a part of my continuing series (previously: Techniques, More Techniques) here are two websites that’ll remind you that the proper object of love is the world that makes all loving possible:

The Speculist’s “Better All the Time” points out new and cool inventions and discoveries that show that the future is full of more promise than threat. A great way to start the daily fight against pessimism in these dark times: “Reasons to be thankful in a world gone right!”

Academic Earth supplies video lectures from scholars at some the nation’s top universities: Yale, MIT, Stanford, Berkley, Princeton, Harvard. Combined with the right reading list, you can download a world-class education. Check it out!

Finally, though it isn’t a new site, Ask Metafilter’s had some really great Amor Mundi questions lately. Here’s two:

What experience most shaped who you are?

What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?





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