Budget Hero and the Just Savings Rate

Laws are like sausages: you can’t enjoy them if you know how they’re made. This is doubly true for budgets and stimulus bills. That said, during the campaign American Public Media put out this nifty little Flash game that puts you in charge of the Federal budget, and in the spirit of self-governance (and wasting time) I think everyone should take a shot at managing the public’s coffers. It’s calibrated against the election economy, so some things have changed drastically and for the worse, but it’s still instructive and they’ve committed to updating it periodically. Also, fans of possible worlds can experiment with a McCain presidency in which the ‘twars’ severely hamper our ‘twelfare.’ Don’t worry, I won’t subject you to an excursus on Rawls and intergenerational justice, but it is fun to watch the effects of debt on other people’s grandkids!






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