Preparations are now almost complete for the wedding next Saturday. Antoinette’s amazing powers of organization have really made the process manageable and calm, although now we’re starting to see people worrying that they ought to be doing something: anxiety at the lack of anxiety, I guess. In just under a week, we’ll be married!

Some things I’m thinking about:

  • Russia is at war with Georgia over a small breakaway province called South Ossetia. The New York Times has a fantastic background piece here that is also fantastically depressing. There’s a reason that we gave up on the one-to-one (-to-one) relationship between nations, peoples, and governments, and it’s tied to the horrors of that word ‘balkanization.’ What we’re looking at now may well be ‘caucasusization’ fueled by petrorubles and ethnic rivalries that were always simmering beneath the surface of the USSR. Or, you know, maybe I’m worrying too much because my wedding is already planned.
  • If you trade in looks, then you’ll be glad to know that the New New Face costs $30,000. I can’t help thinking that I’ve never seen a good attempt to merge plastic surgery and unreasonable standards of personal beauty with discussions of Kant, the third Critique, and the question of pure formal purposiveness-without-purpose. Maybe Bourdieu? Perhaps somebody needs to write a paper on Boudieu contrasting his work in Distinction with his work in Masculine Domination.
  • The new issue of The Good Society is out! My friend cowsandgraveyards and I are thrilled!
  • Law School Faculty as Free Agents: Bad for legal education… bad for general education?






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