Cure-alls and Remedies

Back in the Beltway

We’ve arrived in our new home, and things are settling down. On our first night here, our car was broken into it, and it’s taken a bit of time to get internet running smoothly, but I’m finally ready to start blogging more regularly.

DC is a wonderful, wonderful town: I love the Mall and the Capitol Hill district, and the many universities in the area. It’s somewhat bittersweet that Peter Levine is saying a simultaneous farewell to the city as we arrive. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the District proper. We’re just barely living inside the Beltway, though, so I guess I’m officially out of touch with the American People.

I’ll be doing some follow-up work at the Library of Congress, and I may post some results here. I’ve got a great letter from Arendt to Auden on forgiveness and judgment, for instance, that would make a good post tomorrow…. Also, I’ve just picked up Richard Sennet’s new book on The Craftsman. Should be an interesting summer!

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