Peter Levine

Peter Levine’s blog has been more-than-usually insightful over the last month or so. He has pieces on Charter Schools, agency collaboration with citizens’ groups, The Tempest, Massachusetts v. EPA, and a wonderful declaration of principles almost identical to those I’ve espoused in this blog and my actual scholarship.

Despite all the links, I couldn’t help but quote one particularly pleasing excerpt:

I would be unsatisfied if my only way of addressing a problem were to read and write about it. I don’t think you can learn enough about a social or institutional issue by reading; you must also listen, negotiate, observe, and experiment. By the same token, writing doesn’t make things happen. Books and articles can help to change opinions. They can certainly guide activists by analyzing complex problems. But they very rarely have an impact by themselves. If I wrote about what’s wrong with education, but could never help to organize a response, I’d be frustrated.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.






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