I would add as recommended reading for your list, Michel Foucault's "What is Enlightenment?" which reclaims Kant's essay of the same title and saves the idea of enlightenment from the Enlightenment iteslf (it's that good!). As stirring as I find Fouacult's essay, I wonder if this idea of enlightenment holds any currency for the demos (I think Foucault would be cynical about this as well). Here, I agree with Arendt, that "rule by everyone is rule by no one", and rule by no one is not a real phenomenon as long as will and action are separate. I have trouble believing that the disciplinary power of the world will do anything more than change form, and I think that means that all the normative suggestions of the future moral world as descrbied by MacIntyre, Rorty, Marcuse, Marx, Weber, etc. are not going to be realized, and I wonder if all of these worlds that they make are not simply acts of Nietzschean self-creation and revaluation that can guide aware selves in a world of shaped and molded "last men"… but it's late and I'm taking Benadryl, so who knows.