Back in the Beltway

We’ve arrived in our new home, and things are settling down. On our first night here, our car was broken into it, and it’s taken a bit of time to get internet running smoothly, but I’m finally ready to start blogging more regularly.

DC is a wonderful, wonderful town: I love the Mall and the Capitol Hill district, and the many universities in the area. It’s somewhat bittersweet that Peter Levine is saying a simultaneous farewell to the city as we arrive. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the District proper. We’re just barely living inside the Beltway, though, so I guess I’m officially out of touch with the American People.

I’ll be doing some follow-up work at the Library of Congress, and I may post some results here. I’ve got a great letter from Arendt to Auden on forgiveness and judgment, for instance, that would make a good post tomorrow…. Also, I’ve just picked up Richard Sennet’s new book on The Craftsman. Should be an interesting summer!

Peter Levine

Peter Levine’s blog has been more-than-usually insightful over the last month or so. He has pieces on Charter Schools, agency collaboration with citizens’ groups, The Tempest, Massachusetts v. EPA, and a wonderful declaration of principles almost identical to those I’ve espoused in this blog and my actual scholarship.

Despite all the links, I couldn’t help but quote one particularly pleasing excerpt:

I would be unsatisfied if my only way of addressing a problem were to read and write about it. I don’t think you can learn enough about a social or institutional issue by reading; you must also listen, negotiate, observe, and experiment. Continue reading Peter Levine